Why good tea from Rosemary

Although it is most represented as spice, tea from Rosemary has many positive effects on the human body.

It promotes circulation
Rosemary circulation in the elderly or those who have problems with blood vessel circulation.

Reduces pain
Rosemary tea is also beneficial in cases of pain caused by rheumatic diseases, headaches, toothache or menstrual pain. It is necessary to emphasize that the effect of this tea is limited to milder symptoms, in the case of serious and severe pain; however, after consulting with the doctor, some medicines should be taken.

Reduces problems with digestive organs
Rosemary tea is recommended for overindulgence, difficulty digestion or heartburn, but also for problems that can occur with the intestines, such as cramping, diarrhea or constipation. In both cases, the consumption of one glass of tea from rosemary symptoms will decrease.

Reduces symptoms of colds
Rosemary can also be used in the fight against colds, feelings of weakness and trembling, but in that case it is recommended to consume rosemary tea several times a day. In the case of sore throat, it is advised to wash the tea with a cup of rosemary.

Increases sight, concentration, and perception
Also, this drink is recommended in order to increase concentration, observation and memory, and is recommended in cases where it is necessary to perform certain tasks that require a higher degree of concentration. Precisely because of the positive effect on memory, this tea is recommended to those who suffer from dementia.

Treatment of infections of the lips of the cavity
In case of different types of lung infections such as afte, it is advisable to wash your lips with this medicinal beverage.

When you do not need to consume rosemary tea
Tea from rosemary, although highly healing with many effective effects on the human body, is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in the event of an allergic reaction to rosemary, or to persons subjected to regular drug therapy. These persons should consult a physician or pharmacist before tea consumption begins.

Method of preparation
One teaspoon of tea requires a spoon of rosemary and 250ml of water. Cook the water until boiling. Then add rosemary and continue cooking for another two to three minutes. Allow the container with water and rosemary to stand for another ten minutes, then process and the tea is ready for consumption.

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