Very Effective And Proven Natural Remedy for Asthma, Bronchitis, or a Chronic Cough!

Many people have numerous issues with the lungs however the foremost common area unit asthma attack, bronchitis, and numerous kinds of cough. respiratory organ issues could also be caused by infections further as numerous different diseases, allergy, and natural smoke.This is a natural remedy for this winter which will cure asthma attack, respiratory disorder and chronic cough.

[pinterest-image message=”Very Effective And Proven Natural Remedy for Asthma, Bronchitis, or a Chronic Cough!” image=”” custom_image=””]Brought to you is that this direction by the those that grasp the cure for these issues, particularly asthma attack. The remedy was ready in several variations even our grandmothers believe they knew what they were doing.


-A pound of onions

-A pound of sugar

-2 lemons

-5 liters of water

-7 big tablespoon of honey


Put the sugar in an exceedingly metal bowl on moderate heat and blend till it gets golden brown

Add finely sliced onion, fry concisely, and add the water.

Cook altogether to boiling purpose at moderate temperatures till 1/3 water evaporates

Then let it cool, add the juice of two squeezed lemon and honey and blend completely to fully equalize.

Leave the mixture to face, then strain it and store in an exceedingly glass bottle.

It is necessary to use one tablespoon of the drink before every meal till the total quantity has been spent.

If necessary, create a brand new batch and repeat the procedure till the lungs heal.

NOTE: kids take alittle teaspoon before every meal.


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