Vegetarian Recipes

There is a lot of evidence of positive action on vegetarian diet, including numerous studies that show a significant reduction in the incidence of most illnesses (including cardiovascular), many types of cancer, colds, diabetes, hypertension, as well as prolonged life expectancy and lower obesity rates .
Research has also shown that healthier vegetarians consume only plant-based foods than those who eat eggs and dairy products.
Although it is considered to be healthy, we can not but mention that this type of nutrition can be both harmful to a person’s intake of food and drink while using white flour and sugar, industrial, canned and fried foods.
Well-organized vegetarian diet can meet all nutritional needs of the body, including the need for protein and iron

Plum crumble

This is the perfect pudding with plum

This is the perfect pudding with plum to follow Sunday lunch. Plum crumble. I sometimes use apricots or blackberry and apple, but the same crumble topping goes well with them all.

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Slices of polenta and vegetables


These healthy squares are real delikates. I served them with green salad and boiled maize and azure beans (which are left out of today’s tortilla :). To be a healthier version, I did not clutter them, but they are great in both versions (with and without roasting).

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