Treatment and Prevention of Urinary Infections

Urinary infections are an unpleasant and painful phenomenon that affects women more often. It is thought that every fifth woman is experiencing urinary infection in a certain period of her life. The main reason for this is female anatomy, that is, the small distance between the anal opening and the urethra, which facilitates the migration of bacteria (most often Escherichia coli) to the urinary tract.

Symptoms of urinary infections are easily detectable and you can not ignore them. These include: frequent and severe need for urination; baking and pain during urination; blurred urine that sometimes has a strong odor or contains blood; pressure in the lower abdomen.

Urinary infections are usually treated with antibiotics, but their repetition can easily occur, so prevention is particularly important. There are many things you can do to protect yourself from urinary infections and never face this irritating problem. The same tips will also help you ease treatment when you have this type of infection.

1.Maintain good personal hygiene. After urination or emptying, always wipe backwards in order to prevent bacteria from passing through the anal opening to the urethra. Wash the intimate area at least once a day and always before and after a sexual intercourse. Do not use perfumed toilet paper or intimate powder and perfume. Prefer showering instead of laying in a bathtub.

2.Drink large amounts of fluids. The more you drink the fluids, the more you “wash away” the bacteria.

3.Insert vitamin C. Insert this vitamin in the form of tablets. Vitamin C increases urine acidity and reduces the proliferation of bacteria.

4.Move every time you feel a need. Never delay urination. Keeping urine in the bladder over an extended period gives the bacteria a convenient place to reproduce.

5.Mastrate before and immediately after sexual intercourse. Always moisturize before and after sex to get rid of the bacteria that you can penetrate through the urethra. Before drinking, drink a glass of water.

Drink juice or cranberry tea and / or cranberries. Studies show that cranberries help to treat urinary infections, but should not be considered a cure. A doctor’s visit is mandatory. It is best to drink unsweetened natural cranberry juice. It is also recommended to consume blueberry juice. When buying cranberry tea, always read the label, since many of the teas contain only a small percentage of cranberries.

If you develop symptoms of urinary infection, immediately visit a doctor. The above tips can help you with the treatment, but should not be considered a substitute for medical treatment. Urinary infections are not a serious problem if they are treated on time.

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