Treat naturally: People’s recipes with onions

Treating a strong headache, lowering the temperature, for a strong cough … the onions will help you cure naturally many diseases.
The onion has always been part of our dinner table, whether it is consumed raw or part of a salad.


These folk remedies with onions will help you in various health conditions:
Onion coatings


-For headache, swelling, ears, colds, inflammation of the eyes, place blades of chopped this vegetables in the affected places.
-For high temperature, the cuts of it are placed on the legs.
-For a bleeding relationship, the cut onion is placed on the neckline.

-If you bite a wild animal, put a wrap on the wounds on chopped onions.
– For an ulcer or a subcutaneous ulcer, make one it and mix it with a little olive oil, then place it in a sore place and hold for 1 or 2 hours.

Juice of onions

Cleaned the onion head, sprinkle it into porridge and squeeze the juice out of it. If you have inflammation of the lungs or other diseases, stir the juice from onions with 1 tablespoon of honey and take 2.3 times a day.

-To prevent hair loss and for better growth, massage the head of the head with the onion juice several times a day.
-For a strong and persistent cough, drink from the juice diluted with water. The same recipe applies to the appearance of parasites in the intestine.
-For lichen on the skin, mush with onion juice several times a day.
-Drink juice of this vegetables mixed with brandy on equal proportions against the stomach bloating.

Cooked it

For frequent wetting, boil 1 head onions chopped into several parts in 2dl water along with 1 tablespoon of honey. Then, boil the onion with a little rosemary, 2dl water and 2dl wine and drink 1 tablespoon each hour.


Baked onions

-In the festering wounds and ulcers, the sick places are first washed, and then the vegetables are per-baked in pig fat.
-If you have a blood clot problem, then eat 1 tbsp 1 onion onions each day in olive oil, afternoon and evening.
-In the ears it keeps a bit of hot baked onions, and the insects come out of the ears if you put a few drops of juice from the baked onions.
-On various types of tumors on the surface of the skin are placed bets of this vegetables.

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