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Blueberries are Natural, Healthy and Strong Aspirin


  Blueberries should be consumed  regularly, because it is a natural aspirin that relieves pain, dilutes the blood and prevents inflammation. Blueberries – a known plant as a folk remedy against diabetes, is so effective that some call it plant insulin. This fruit are the secret elixir of youth and health. What …

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Lemon and your body is


Lemon and your body Weight is the main problem of every woman and every body. But if you have a few pounds more, there’s no need to you drink with weight loss pills. Choose a healthier way and use the power of the lemon. Studies have shown that people who …

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Flax Seeds for Weight Loss: Benefits and How to Use Them


Flaxseed contains many vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fibers that regulate the intestines. It is known that flax seed cleanses the organism from toxins, accelerates metabolism, lowers blood sugar levels and reduces appetite.

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