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How should chia seed be used?

chia seed

Chia seeds are present in almost every diet because it helps attenuation, is a possible source of calcium, omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. -By consuming this seed, you provide a youthful look, you get more energy and you feel more healthier and more obedient. –If you still did not …

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Use Soda Baking in this Way to Make you Smile


Soda Baking is a powerful ingredient with a myriad of uses, starting with the kitchen, the whole household and the bathroom. Most often we use it to grow the dough when preparing pastry, and it can also be used to remove scents from carpets, clothing and various surfaces in the …

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Forget the wrinkles around the eyes with COFFEE!


Why is coffee good for our skin? The coffee contains significant amounts of many different antioxidants, including hydroxynamic acids and polyphenols. Hydrodynamic acids are very effective in neutralizing free radicals and preventing oxidation stress. While drinking coffee brings these benefits, helping the skin from inside and outside, the body can …

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Marigold: Plant that does miracles


It is known in the people as a dragon, a zimorod, or a fire, a Latin Calendula officinalis. Marigold is a plant that radiates beauty and a strong yellow-orange color that resembles the sun.

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