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Quick cure with Salmon Lemonade


Usually when we have a headache we immediately reach a pill. Perhaps at the moment we are solving the problem, but if that happens often it can only create a new problem.

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What diseases can you cure with cabbage leaves?


The dressings made from cabbage leaves are very useful in treating various diseases. Here we can mention diseases such as gangrene, epilepsy, bronchitis, headache, worms, inflammation of the throat, abdominal ulcers, rashes, etc.

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Lemon and its uses good to know


Lemon belongs to the group of citrus fruits, which includes orange, tangerine, grapefruit, etc. It is cheap, easily accessible and versatile. Especially useful when it comes to your health. This yellow fruit contains not only vitamin C but also other vitamins (vitamin B, riboflavin) and minerals such as potassium, calcium, …

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With Tea Against Headache


Depending on where and how the headache appears, it can be a serious health problem. If the headache appears early in the morning, it’s a good sign that you need to go to a doctor, because it may indicate a brain tumor, apnea or very high blood pressure. Headaches vary …

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