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Eggplant controls diabetes, reduces cholesterol


While it’s a season of blue eggplants, do not miss them. It’s no good to freeze yourself in winter as these fruits are very nutritious. They are an excellent source of vitamins K, C, A, B1, B3, B6 and B9 (folic acid), and they are also rich in minerals potassium, …

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How to reduce naturally triglycerides?


When it comes to a healthy heart, triglycerides should not be forgotten because they are an important indicator of the health status of this vital organ.

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Detoxify. 3 ingredients that improve vision and detoxify


With these natural groceries you will improve your vision and detoxify the liver. A few things are good for your health and detoxify  – and for your wallet … it’s debatable and that’s why we show you home-made vegetable juice. After all, the juice is easy to save time to …

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Blueberries are Natural, Healthy and Strong Aspirin


  Blueberries should be consumed  regularly, because it is a natural aspirin that relieves pain, dilutes the blood and prevents inflammation. Blueberries – a known plant as a folk remedy against diabetes, is so effective that some call it plant insulin. This fruit are the secret elixir of youth and health. What …

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Tea that Regulates Sugar, Weight, and 10 other Diseases


Scientists believe that in this way some serious luminescent like sugar can even be completely cured.For most diseases there is a natural substitute for the drug, and most of them are hiding in our garden.Sugar should be eating out the diet as much as possible.

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