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What diseases can you cure with cabbage leaves?


The dressings made from cabbage leaves are very useful in treating various diseases. Here we can mention diseases such as gangrene, epilepsy, bronchitis, headache, worms, inflammation of the throat, abdominal ulcers, rashes, etc.

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Bananas. mixture of bananas and honey and say goodbye to


Bananas are nutritional fruit that enters the role of guardian of our health. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, this yellow tropical fruit, except sweet taste, offers many benefits. Tasty snack of only 100 calories, a natural way to beautify the skin, a cure for nausea and constipation, a source …

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Tea that Regulates Sugar, Weight, and 10 other Diseases


Scientists believe that in this way some serious luminescent like sugar can even be completely cured.For most diseases there is a natural substitute for the drug, and most of them are hiding in our garden.Sugar should be eating out the diet as much as possible.

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