A simple Drug Against the Oldest Disease

Gout is known as the oldest disease in the world , the existence of this type of arthritis has been noticed since ancient Egypt. It is about inflammation, followed by severe pain, redness and swelling caused by the accumulation of uric acid.

It is usually ejected from the body through the urine, but if the body has an excessive amount of this acid, or does not eliminate the kidneys properly, then its strengthening will occur. These sharp crystals accumulate in the joints, usually in the legs, and create severe pain.

There are more drugs that can help you cope with this unpleasant situation, but if you are from those individuals who prefer a natural alternative, we recommend a recipe of only 4 ingredients that will successfully fight gout.

Ingredients required:
-Gloss of celery (do not include roots and leaves)
-1 piece of fresh ginger (2 to 3 cm in size)
– Half a cucumber of medium size
-Shell of half a lemon, optional.

Method of preparation:
Finely chop the celery, ginger and cucumber, and then place them in a blender and mix well. After finishing, pour the mixture into a glass and add lemon juice. Pour this mixture immediately, because it works best while it’s fresh.

For prevention of arthritis should avoid foods that are rich in purines, which means that red meat, oily flesh, products from internal organs such as liver, tears should be avoided. Because it is usually a matter of people with an increased body mass, they need to lower their body weight. It is very important to avoid alcohol because alcohol in two ways leads to increased levels of uric acid in the body.

This means that every type of alcohol, especially beer, should be avoided. Another type of food is allowed, such as poultry meat, non-greasy fish, even beef and veal, if not fat, but all in moderation, two to three times a week.

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