Quick cure with Salmon Lemonade

Usually when we have a headache we immediately reach a pill. Perhaps at the moment we are solving the problem, but if that happens often it can only create a new problem.

The pills as far as they are curative, so much harm to the organism, because they are composed of various chemicals with a strong effect.

Headache can be very unpleasant and make it difficult for you to function normally.

Instead of immediately taking a combination of pills, try to make a natural remedy that will relieve you of headache, and it will not harm you.

Ingredients required:

2 lemons
Filtered but not bottled water
Sea salt


Drain the lemon, add as much water as the juice, add some salt and ice if you want and the lemonade is ready to drink.

This may not be a tasty drink, but it can help you a lot, because the sea salt contains enough electrolytes, minerals that increase the level of energy, strengthens immunity, balance serotonin levels in the body and removes pain.

It can also help Hot-Cold

To get rid of tension in the head and neck that occur as a lack of sleep and stress, soak a warm water cloth, drain it and place it on the forehead or behind the neck for muscles to loosen.
To get rid of severe pain in the head caused by migraine or spreading the blood vessels in the head, do the same but this time with cold water.

Put your feet in the water

To get rid of a strong headache, dip your feet in a hot water bowl and add a little mustard powder. After about half an hour, wipe them with a dry cloth.

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