Put your hand when you sneeze? It’s a big mistake!

Sneeze.It seems that we are all misunderstood. When nodding, the mouth and nose should be covered with a handkerchief, preferably paper, one-time, which we can immediately throw.

Have you ever tried to stop sneezing?

If yes, you know that does not work well. It is a reflex reaction of the organism to toxins. In addition, many of us instinctively cover our mouth with our hands, so as not to expel microbes in the environment.

After all, they have taught us from small legs, it’s something like good behavior in company. However, if a doctor can be trusted, such a habit needs to be changed.

When we need to nod, we need to cover our mouth and nose with a handkerchief, preferably paper, and immediately throw it away.

If you sneeze into your hands, for example in public transport, at work or elsewhere, you can easily transmit viruses and bacteria to other people around you, because with your hand you will transfer them to other areas.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Even if you do not have a paper towel, use what you have. For example, the best choice is to sneeze in a sleeve.

Of course, do not forget to wash your hands even then, and it’s a good idea to soap the surface around your mouth, especially if you plan to kiss a child, spouse, or third person.

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