With lemon against kidney stones

Renal stones are solid portions of the kidneys, which are mainly composed of calcium. Causes for the formation of kidney stones are many, but the main cause is the food causing excretion of calcium in the urine.

In addition to foods that cause calcium excretion, kidney stones may also cause protein-rich foods that cause the production of urinary acid. However, kidney stones are a problem that needs to be solved. How to get rid of them in a natural way?

Above all, to reduce the risk of kidney stones, we should avoid fast foods, too much salty foods, and foods rich in calcium.Multiple fluids should be used to reduce the risk of this killing.

In a study, a group of scientists mixed 0.12 liters of lemon in 2 liters of water and gave people who had a problem with kidney stones to constantly drink. Scientists have noticed that the condition of the patients has improved significantly, and the kidneys have ceased to form.

The lemon contains a lot of citrate in its composition, which really helps in the fight against kidney stones. Scientists advise not to sweeten but to drink in the manner described above without sugar. If you want to sweeten the lemon juice, use the best honey instead of sugar – adds scientists.

Lemon bark is very useful because it is rich in vitamin P and phytochemicals that destroy microbes. Bark contains essential oils that are useful for: normalizing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, preventing atherosclerosis, strengthening the immune system, headache, nausea, exhaustion, improving memory and concentration.

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