It Works With Everybody Who Tried: Take 3 Tablespoons A Day Of This Cholesterol-Lowering Remedy And Blood Purification!

This helps with the blood purification and lowering the cholesterol. If you are trying it you won`t regret it. Having blood filled with toxins and debris can cause allergy, cold and infection problems while promoting the event of disorder and may cause our skin to seem dry and dull.

For this reason, it’s important to perform detoxification of the body periodically to purify the blood so as to eliminate the toxins that cause such diseases.

In addition, it’s also important to take care of a diet because, as is documented , the cells prey on the nutrients we eat, therefore, if we feed incorrectly, the cells won’t be healthy.

The organs that are responsible of the purification of the blood are the liver and therefore the kidneys, demonstrating once more the importance of a healthy diet.

Next, we’ll teach you various drinks that help eliminate toxins and waste from the blood, thus preventing you from getting sick. All recipes are made with natural ingredients and straightforward to urge at any store.
Garlic drink and wine for cholesterol lowering and blood purification

This drink serves to accelerate the metabolism and stop accumulation of fat in our body. It also serves to treat cholesterol and to eliminate high levels of salt within the blood, allowing its purification and preventing the suffering of hypertension.

-12 cloves garlic
-1/2 liter of wine

To prepare this drink you want to cut the twelve heads of garlic into small pieces and put them during a glass container. Then add the half liter of wine. Close the container and let it rest during a place where it gives direct light for fifteen days. Once the fifteen days have passed, filter to get rid of the garlic and you’re able to consume.
It is recommended to require three tablespoons each day for one month to perform the purification.
Then we leave 2 natural remedies that also serve to purify the blood and detoxify your body.

Dandelion drink for cholesterol lowering and blood purification
Dandelion, a flower that grows wild, is extremely beneficial to health because it helps to eliminate the accumulated substances and residues harmful to the body, thus favoring the purification of the blood and its better circulation.

-10 dandelion flowers
-1/2 liter of water
-Honey (quantity needed)

To prepare an infusion of dandelion you want to collect ten flowers and wash them well to get rid of the toxins that are within the air. Put water to boil and once it’s boiling add the dandelion flowers. Let it boil for fifteen minutes and take away from heat. Wait five minutes before drinking this infusion. it’s recommended to drink one cup a day after lunch.

Burdock Drink for cholesterol lowering and blood purification
Burdock is extremely efficient for the purification of blood because it allows reducing, through urine excretion, the inflammation, and congestion caused by the buildup of poisons . it’s also effective in eliminating acid debris.

-One teaspoon of burdock grass
-200 ml of water
-Honey (quantity needed)

To prepare this drink just add a teaspoon of burdock in 200 ml of water and convey to a boil. Once it’s boiled, remove from the warmth and let represent five minutes. you’ll add honey to sweeten it. it’s advisable to consume two cups of burdock tea each day .


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