We all have it at home, and we do not know that it is a real medical miracle

We all have it at home, and we do not know that it is a real medical miracle. Sodium bicarbonate (sodium hydrogen carbonate) has wide application in the industry, nutrition and maintenance of hygiene, but also as a cure for beneficial effects on health, which is why it is recommended that it is always available at hand. They used the old Egyptians as a cleaning and cooking agent.

It’s great that something with such an affordable price, such as baking soda, has various useful uses from cosmetics for care and beauty, to the kitchen for cleaning and preparing pastries, and as a natural remedy that is known and practiced in folk medicine for a long time . On this occasion, we share wider information about its basic and most popular uses in the world and in our country, as well as we remind you of several simple methods that can be used and how.

Sodium bicarbonate is on the list of allowed additives

Sodium bicarbonate, which is still known as sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3), is perhaps the only harmless, inorganic chemical element that has proven to have a multiple beneficial effect as a drug, cosmetic, cleansing agent, nourishment and personal hygiene, absorbent of odors and Fig. Also, sodium bicarbonate is coded by the EU as a food additive that is on the list of allowed additives. It is labeled with E500, so if you see this label on a label, it’s good to know that it is not harmful to the body, but on the contrary, a useful ingredient.

It helps to relieve acidity in the body

Dissolved in water gives a base environment, and when reacting with acids, it liberates water and carbon dioxide. Because of its properties it is used in the pharmaceutical industry as an antacid, respectively, an agent against acids in the stomach. But, as with any other preparation, even on a natural basis, care should be taken. It is thought that if you overdo the taken dose of soda bicarbonate, it can lead to an increase in blood pH, and excess sodium may increase blood volume and blood pressure, which increases the risk of hypertension and swellings.

With sodium bicarbonate without aluminum, you can maintain home cosmetic care

As with every product we buy, and with baking soda without aluminum, we need to know how to use it properly. There are many useful opportunities, and we advise you to use it conscientiously and without exaggeration, for the effects to be optimal and for the benefit of your health and beauty:

Save yourself from itching after a mosquito bite. Relieve the unbearable itching after a mosquito bite, so that you place a paste of baking soda with a little water on the place or just sprinkle with soda. If you make a paste, you can add a drop of essential lavender oil in it.

In the form of a natural deodorant. If you want to avoid the toxic paraben from the merchant deodorant, simply mix the bicarbonate baking soda without aluminum with water and apply it under the bosom.

As a body peeling. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and a spoon of honey and gently circular movements pass through the face or body, so rinse with lukewarm water. After this peeling your skin will be fresh, smooth and tight.

For thorough cleansing of the hair. Before applying the shampoo to the hair, apply a small amount of baking soda using the hands and fingers. This way your hair will be thoroughly clean.

Sodium bicarbonate is a friend of your kitchen

With it, you can easily clean the oven, burnt pots or hardened impurities from the kitchen chopping board or other useful surfaces:

Clean the oven. Sprinkle baking soda and a little water, so let it stand overnight. In the morning you can easily clean the oven without much friction.

Clean the tiled pans and pans. Sprinkle with Vitaminka bicarbonate with sodium, and spread it well over the entire surface. Make a ball of aluminum foil and brush it well with it. This applies to vessels that are non-sticky and abrasion resistant. Finally, wash it

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