Healthy Drinks

Healthy drinks can you help when you are in a situation where you would like to have a simple recipe or a medicine that you will quickly become aware of, saturate or calm. Purchasing special drugs and medicines is not always available and the whole trouble seems complicated.
That’s why there are so-called Folk solutions that can help you in many situations of everyday life.

Pineapple Strawberry Lemonade (Recipe)

Pineapple Strawberry Lemonade is the ultimate way to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Sweet strawberries, tart lemons and fresh pineapples is all it takes to make this refreshing drink!

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Why good tea from Rosemary


Although it is most represented as spice, tea from Rosemary has many positive effects on the human body. It promotes circulation Rosemary circulation in the elderly or those who have problems with blood vessel circulation. Reduces pain Rosemary tea is also beneficial in cases of pain caused by rheumatic diseases, …

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Clean the intestines of toxins


Our hoses contain toxins that are of particular importance and it is therefore necessary to take care of their good and quality cleaning from the excrement residues from time to time. It is necessary to eat healthy, and this natural remedy that has proven to be very effective can help. …

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We all have it at home, and we do not know that it is a real medical miracle

real medical miracle

We all have it at home, and we do not know that it is a real medical miracle. Sodium bicarbonate (sodium hydrogen carbonate) has wide application in the industry, nutrition and maintenance of hygiene, but also as a cure for beneficial effects on health, which is why it is recommended …

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The anti hangover natural treatment


The anti hangover treatment is with the arrival of a somewhat colder weather, and many celebrations and celebrations are increasingly demanding. Why is that so? Well, just the majority of people in a good company can overdo it with alcohol, without worrying about the consequences that follow.

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