Get rid of stress with lemon balm tea

Lemon balm tea is the right choice to overcome stressful situations, relieve depression, and headaches caused by nervousness or by vomiting the nervous base. It is also effective in irregular menstruation that is caused by stress. In addition, this tea improves and memory, strengthens and restores the heart, it acts anti-bacterial and helps to heal the wounds. Tea is simply prepared. Sprinkle one tablespoon of lemon balm or filter bag with half a liter of hot water, fold and leave to stand for five to ten minutes. Stir the tea and drink it. The most important ingredient of the nut is ether oil, which is obtained by distillation with the water vapor of the herb itself which is picked up in a blooming phase.Lemon, lemon grass or beekeeper is the name of this herb with great taste and smell. It is harvested in spring, before or during blooming, and it is dried in warm meat or where there is a slip. Do not store it in metal containers. Nutrition is one of the few herbs that at the same time is curative, beautifully smelling, spicy, aromatic and honey herbs. It grows near the beehives baskets, in the gardens and meadows in the forests. In the parks it is grown as a decorative herb, and in the gardens as a medicinal herb. Blooms from June to September. The leaves are harvested before the bloom, and the whole herb while blooming. Dries quickly and carefully, under the shade.

Regular drinking of lemon tea helps with nervousness, trembling, loss of appetite and headaches. The lemon balm also appears to be soothing, so it is recommended for those who suffer from insomnia. Mouth is also a great natural remedy for strengthening the heart and
normalizing the work of the internal organs, relieving night fears and
depression. It is also great for improving your mood.

If you regularly drink tea from lemon balm, you will correct your appetite and get rid of nervousness and headaches associated with stress.

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