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Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is a chronic illness of modern times. It is a hyperglycemia, or an elevated level of glucose (sugar) in the blood.

It is conditioned by an absolute or relative lack of insulin in the body. Insulin is a hormone that secretes the pancreas, a gland with internal secretion, and its lack leaves consequences for the metabolism of glucose, fat and proteins.


The most common cause of this disease is the genetic type, but it can also be a consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle. Congenital disorders and acquired condition (acute and chronic inflammation of the pancreas) can cause reduced insulin secretion.

Hyperglycemia may also affect the diabetic action of the growth hormone, the adrenal bone hormone and thyroid hormones, even in the normal secretion of insulin. Irregular diet, obesity, smoking, physical inactivity, alcohol and other factors of rapid, modern life also affect the onset of diabetes. Drugs used in rheumatic diseases, airway diseases, kidney and skin disorders can cause diabetes.


-Increased excretion of urine
– Weight loss despite normal appetite
-Turn, weakness
-Hypo tension
… are just some of the symptoms. Symptoms of type 2 are often insidious and poorly recognized.

Diabetes is a very serious illness that can lead to sugar coma, eye disorders, skin changes, disabilities, kidney disease, and stroke.


Many herbs affect the normalization of blood glucose levels. Their introduction to everyday nutrition is very important.

ONION AND GARLIK: They can be added to various salads, but also eat with meals. Scientists have found that these foods are better for medicines than 77%.
Place 15 cloves of garlic in a glass jar. Pour boiling brandy and let it dry in a dry place for a month. Usage: in the morning on a stomach a stomach for a small teaspoon.
PARSLEY: Used long ago as a national drug in the fight against diabetes. Wash the parsley, cut the leaves and the root, pour a glass of sour milk or low fat yogurt.
Dandelion when the dandelion starts to bloom, pick it, wash it and remove the flower. Stalk slowly and chew it well.
Bean half a kilogram of beans are brewed in water for about 15 minutes. When it’s 12 hours, drink the water before a meal.
Blueberry near the beans, you can also use the leaves of the blueberry, also welded. The liquid is drunk before each meal. Leaves are best harvested before the fruits are matured.
Carrots, besides normalizing the level of sugar, also affect the state of the eyes, which can worsen during the illness.
Add cinnamon to dishes and teas. One tablespoon a day is enough to speed up the action of insulin.

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