Cabbage Juice – the Best Against Diseases of the Stomach

Cabbage juice is used as a medicine for the stomach, but also as a healthy beverage that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Here we mean the juice of the sweet cabbage, because we all know the juice of sauerkraut.

The best juice is that of fresh, young and sweet cabbage. This juice has long been known as juice that prevents diseases of the stomach, gastritis and ulcer, but there are other health benefits from it. There are also people who do not like cabbage juice because it causes inflammation, and they should limit the intake of this juice or avoid it.

Health benefits from cabbage juice
The cabbage juice is rich in antioxidants and is good in the defense of the body against cancer. This vegetable is actually on the highest level of foods that are good as a cancer prevention. It is considered to be particularly effective if it is consumed regularly, mainly against the stomach and colon cancer, chest and lungs. Cabbage juice has a mildly laxative effect, which means it is useful for regular bowel discharge, that is, against jail.

This juice contains the amino acid glutamine, which plays a key role in cleansing the gut, and in general, the entire body, it irritates the damaged mucous membrane of the stomach (ulcer), regenerates and leads to recovery. Cabbage juice contains useful ingredients that help to improve blood picture in case of anemia. Strengthens the immunity of all those who consume regularly because it contains a significant amount of vitamin C.

This drink is also extremely suitable for all those who are struggling with excess pounds. It contains little calories and can be consumed in combination with any other diet.

And except for internal, it is also used for outdoor use in case of ulcers, blisters and skin wounds.

Preparation of juice from fresh cabbage

It is best to squeeze the fresh cabbage into a juicer. You can also use white and red cabbage. The head first rinses well and cut into pieces that can be placed in the juicer. The procedure is the same as preparing juice from some other fruits or vegetables.Juice is drank without sweetening, and can be combined with other vegetables or fruits as desired. If you want to drink it again as a cure for the stomach then you should drink it clean or in combination with a carrot. This is because carrot has a beneficial effect on the stomach.

The juice of cabbage as a medicine for the stomach is consumed three times a day, for 1 deciliter juice, before meals.

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