The anti hangover natural treatment

The anti hangover treatment is with the arrival of a somewhat colder weather, and many celebrations and celebrations are increasingly demanding. Why is that so? Well, just the majority of people in a good company can overdo it with alcohol, without worrying about the consequences that follow.

Most common disorders are certainly hangover and nausea. The pharmacists naturally made a lot of preparations (tablets against hangovers), however, there are also natural methods that can prevent problems “morning after a drunkard” – these are usually exhaustion, diarrhea and severe headache.

Symptoms of hangover

A hangover is the physical and mental condition that occurs after excessive alcohol intake, and depending on what and how much it drinks, it can vary from mild headache and exhaustion to severe dehydration, nausea and diarrhea. In the event of a headache, the person is disturbed by all the surrounding sounds, the normal volume of the conversation, and even the gentle neck of the door, because literally the head seems to be firing and the people are often asked to be quieter and possibly walking on the fingers … As you see, alcohol is a miracle. If a strong instinct for vomiting occurs and nothing comes out, this is most likely because the stomach is completely emptied.

Constant tension only makes the situation more difficult. Dehydration of the organism is recognized due to severe thirst, since alcoholic drinks can completely dry out our organism, the best medicine against hangover and dehydration is certainly a higher intake of liquids – only water. It can also happen that you burn the eardrum very much – as a consequence of the consumption of heavy drinks (vinjak, brandy …). Bleeding, exhaustion, fatigue and severe fatigue are a regular occurrence after drinking.

These would only be the physical symptoms of hangovers, and what about the psyche? No antidepressant medication will cure you of depression, which occurs immediately after waking. I can also have fear and regret ..

The best against hangovers were recipes from nature, because there are many ways to alleviate the pain and speed up the recovery and return to a completely normal state.

-Milk against hangover: Milk cup is primarily a positive preventative effect, as it will reduce the absorption rate (alcohol) of the alcohol and will successfully remove the symptoms of hangovers. —–Treating hangover with water: In the morning when you wake up, after a stormy night and feel your head is at least as a “huge drum,” drink one large glass of water and put a bottle with this “natural remedy” next to you and sip it all day in as large a quantity as possible.

-Tea against hangover: it’s a big mistake that in the morning, after a “cheerful night”, they burn strong coffee, known in the people as “concrete” – a common practice here in the Balkans. Because if you think that black coffee will help you to deal with a headache – you’re wrong! Coffee is a very strong diuretic, and it will cause even more dehydration, it will only irritate the already irritated nervous system. Instead of coffee, you can drink a cup of tea made from nuts, chamomile, nano or always popular green tea.

-An excellent anti-hangover remedy is ginger, it relieves abdominal pain, dizziness and headache. You can consume it in the form of tea, as a food supplement, or powder mixed with water. Tea with dumbbell with honey and lemon juice is a great choice for treating hangovers.

We believe that you now know what is good for hangover, and that you will try some of these recipes. It is very important potassium-rich food, as it will be of help to you in the fight against hangover.

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