Benefits From the Use of Activated Carbon

When we mention coal, the first thing that comes to mind is grilling, hot, fire, but activated charcoal is something completely different. While charcoal is used for delicious grills, active coal abounds with health benefits. The active carbon is produced from materials that are heavily carbonaceous (for example, coconut shells, wood, coal, walnuts and peat) that are activated using gases (usually argon or nitrogen) or chemicals, and then exposed to high temperatures. The result is carbon in the form of a tasteless black powder without odor. The expanded surface of activated carbon has millions of fine pores, which provide plenty of space for toxins and chemicals to bind.

This porous surface has a negative charge, which attracts positively charged gas and toxins to connect with it. Once bonded with coal, these unwanted substances can be transported outside the body. It is estimated that activated carbon can reduce the absorption of toxins to 60 percent. This is just one of the many reasons why hospitals and clinics are permanently supplied with activated charcoal.

Helps in acute poisoning and / or overdose
In some cases when used together with other treatments, active carbon can be an effective way to release the body from certain chemicals and toxins. The powder is mixed with water and can be drunk. The use of activated carbon in cases of acute poisoning or overdose should be prescribed only by professionals who are familiar with health care. Active carbon should not be used for poisoning from alcohol, cyanide, lithium, iron tablets, cleaning liquid, gasoline or strong acids or bases. It is effective against bleach, fertilizer, mercury, pesticides, most organic compounds, aspirin, cocaine, morphine and opium. Do not hit it! Immediately seek professional help and let them know what the cause of this condition is.

Protection of pets
As with humans, active carbon can be used in emergency situations if your pet has eaten something poisonous, such as certain plants or potentially toxic objects. However, the same rules apply to dogs and cats as humans. Your first moves should be in contact with a veterinarian.If you are told to control the poison, do not do this without consulting a veterinarian.

It helps with gas and bloating
Tablets and capsules of activated charcoal can be used to relieve gases and bloating. Factors that produce gas in food bind to coal and can provide relief from symptoms of bloating and abdominal cramps. These benefits were observed in a study of 99 adults (30 from the United States and 69 in India) who had different dietary habits. Compared with placebo, the use of activated carbon provided a significant reduction in the symptoms in both groups. It is recommended 500 milligrams an hour before meals. You should drink two cups of water immediately after taking the coal to make it well stabilized in the stomach.

It helps with acne problems

In the combination of one capsule, activated carbon and two spoons of aloe vera can be used in acne.Allow the mixture to dry and then rinse. Coal helps toxins and other harmful substances, while Aloe Faith has a reassuring effect.

Important tips for taking activated charcoal
When using activated charcoal for other purposes other than toxins or over dosage, do not take other medicines or supplements within two hours, as the carbon may reduce absorption. You should also drink 10 to 16 glasses of water per day, as it will help eliminate toxins and prevent constipation, which is an unwanted effect.

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