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How to tell if the bread is really black or painted


Indeed, many bakers have begun lately to produce a real healthy, heavy black breads with 95 percent rye or barley flour, but the rafts in the shops still can find loaves that are black only because of the addition of artificial colors. The insufficiently informed purchaser can easily be deceived, …

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They protect skin, keep their eyesight and do not fatten

Protect skin

Protect skin. Usually we nibble seeds by road, unconsciously, to spend time and engage our hands. Since they are very delicious, sometimes we know how to eat a large amount of them. But that’s not a problem, because these seeds are as healthy as they are delicious.

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We all have it at home, and we do not know that it is a real medical miracle

real medical miracle

We all have it at home, and we do not know that it is a real medical miracle. Sodium bicarbonate (sodium hydrogen carbonate) has wide application in the industry, nutrition and maintenance of hygiene, but also as a cure for beneficial effects on health, which is why it is recommended …

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