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A delicious recipe for the autumn pumpkin days


Pumpkin, It is a pity not to use the queen of autumn as a kind of dessert, and one of the simplest ways to prepare the pumpkin is to bake it in the oven. In fact, this is a recipe for which you only need a little time. You can …

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Healthy potion of parsley that melt the pounds


All you need is just the parsley, lemon and a glass of water, and for five days you will surely lose three pounds. If you want to get rid of extra pounds for a short time, try a simple natural drink that is healthy and effective in combating fat. You …

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How should chia seed be used?

chia seed

Chia seeds are present in almost every diet because it helps attenuation, is a possible source of calcium, omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. -By consuming this seed, you provide a youthful look, you get more energy and you feel more healthier and more obedient. –If you still did not …

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Tinnitus – buzzing in the ears and how it is cured


Tinnitus buzzing in the ears, irritation, unpleasant and constant sound in the head can be a symptom of various diseases such as: -Problems with the waist -increased blood pressure hypertension but also -ear illness. The quality of life has somehow been disturbed lately and buzzing of the ears is dominated …

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Magnesium – a remarkable mineral


Magnesium together with potassium, calcium and sodium are the basic elements necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. Your body does not produce this important mineral. Therefore, it is necessary to consume foods rich in magnesium daily. Why do we need magnesium? Magnesium plays an important role in …

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How to reduce naturally triglycerides?


When it comes to a healthy heart, triglycerides should not be forgotten because they are an important indicator of the health status of this vital organ.

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Myths about food eating in which most doctors still believe!


Eating Stop oily food, dip salt and reduce fat. 1: Cholesterol destroys the body and organism REALITY: Your brain – and the rest of you need a certain amount. Doctors have warned patients for decades, especially those at risk of heart problems, not to eating high cholesterol and fat foods, …

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Grapes Protects Against Osteoporosis


Consuming black grapes and products from this fruit reduces the level of fats in the blood and prevents the clogging of the blood vessels and the occurrence of thrombosis. The grape seed extract acts antioxidant, which prevents fat oxidation, damage and clogging of blood cells. Because of all these properties, …

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Benefits From the Use of Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon

When we mention coal, the first thing that comes to mind is grilling, hot, fire, but activated charcoal is something completely different. While charcoal is used for delicious grills, active coal abounds with health benefits. The active carbon is produced from materials that are heavily carbonaceous (for example, coconut shells, …

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